I love her


Looking adoringly at the wife getting another award when she calls him her baby Daddy & crush…….

Oh my god. It’s like looking at a schoolboy with his first crush! He is so besotted! This is too precious!
He really is a human puppy! It’s not just a Will Graham thing.





After Battling Cancer, 11-Year Old Girl Invented a ‘Chemo Backpack’ to Replace Bulky IV Poles


She’s currently raising funds to begin production

Her name is Kylie Simonds. please don’t forget her name.

Kylie Simonds you are a badass of the highest order and I salute you. I would also like an IV pack for my infusions? You rock, kid.
kingofender: To track him down and shush him violently. On the table lay a crumbled paper with a small doodle on the side of a monkey and the words "would you go on a date with me?"


kingofender: Her cheeks flared with embarrassment. Sun tilted his head and his tail lifted up looking like to rest on her shoulder. "Red?" She hummed in response and when he didn't answer after a moment or two of silence she looked at him to catch a look of concentration as if he was figuring out to say. "Su-" she was cut off but the furiously scribbling in a notebook and the tear of paper. He folded it up and slid the paper to her. His actions shaky and his face a tomato red. He stood and...(part 7)


kingofender: Pushing the hair behind her ear. Suns tail swished back and forth hitting ruby a couple times leaving the monkey boy to apologize profusely. Ruby just laughed behind her sleeve and snorted at the sheer awkardness Suns aura was giving off. She stared for a moment to look at his face. He was freckled on his cheeks and the bridge of his nose with a small mole under his right eye, he also had an industrial bar piercing on his right ear. She caught herself and turned to look at her notebook...(part6


kingofender: Sun laid out his belongings on the table an adjusted himself so he wasn't sitting on his tail. The hard wooden chairs weren't exactly faunas tail friendly. He turned to Ruby and looked down at her notebook to see a bunch of doodles. He dead panned. Of course no way Ruby would really be taking notes. The doodles were cute though, like little versions of all of their friends including sun himself. He blushed at the doodle and looked back up at her face. She was reading once again "Hey red...(part4


kingofender: Beckoned him to sit next to her. He looked around and pointed at his chest mouthing the word 'me?' She nodded with a dumb smile and crossed her arms waiting. He lowered his head to hide his dumb smile and gathered his things shuffling to his beautiful younger friend. "Your looking sunny," Ruby half whispered to receive a glare with a wide smile from eye to eye. "You've been around yang to much." He had replied in the same half whisper. When he sat she lightly slapped his shoulder...(part 3)


kingofender: Their target once more. She was lazily flicking through a book and occasionally scribbling something into a notebook. Suns tail began swishing quickly behind and disturbing some poor kids who were trying to study. They gave him a glare to which he returned with an embarrassed smile and a rub on his neck. He turned back to see ruby looking up at him with her beautifully curious silver eyes. He stiffened and his cheeks flared with embarresment. She waved excitedly at him and...(part 2)